Labyrinth Noir

23 Oct

Trying out some new layout ideas. Jorge Luis Borges loved using labyrinths as symbols for detective fiction, since the winding paths seem so twisty while you’re in it, but every chapter of the story inevitably leads you to the solution. So, instead of writing a one-page mystery, I’ve just drawn you a labyrinth to follow and a little shell of a plot around the outside à la Jan Brett or something with ideas lifted from Borges, Kiss Me Deadly, and the myth of Theseus. Lazy? Maybe. But it sure was fun learning how to draw a labyrinth. Hey, you can learn it too! Right here. Or anywhere else on the internet, I guess.

Pen & India Ink


One Response to “Labyrinth Noir”

  1. clairemarcelle November 1, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    These are all spectacular. And hooray for Borges! Every last street here is named after some famous writer or such, and so of course while I walked down Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca I thought of you. best of luck with all your artsy endeavors!

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